Young lady of 45 years complaint of non healing ulcer since 3 months after dental extraction of right lower molars. How to proceed?



1...lingual mucosal ulceration with necrosis in lingual bone ..rare cases...takes 3-4 months for healing....if its healing though slowly not to worry...causes systemic disease...certain drugs...trauma to lingual tissue... 2...trauma from opposite tooth... 3...any root remenant 4...if its healing slowly n has shrinked in size....n xray is normal just followup...if not thn histopath examination

Its not a ulcer. Its inflametry healing tissue.seen in some doutfull case.more likly convert to ca . But this stage. Its normal It may b normal in biopcy also.

Cheek opposit tooth .its irritating or not

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Biopsy n diagnose , rule out any bony impingement or root remanent radiographycally

Firstly check for any local irritational factors... Medication ... Then go for biopsy

Check upper 6

Biopsy and OPG is a must since it is a Post-op non healing ulcer.

Is there any maxillary tooth in that relation if not go for iopa r or OPG ,

Medical history?

Diabetes & Hypertensive with medication.

-Is 17 impinging? Seeing induration. -What's that metal? When was it placed?... suspect allergy. -Can u gv IOC judge the borders

Check for opposing tooth touching lower Ridge, iopa or opg of that area will also help for checking any root pieces left or bone pathology. Can send for HIV test if above findings are not significant

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