Today's Interesting Case. need your help. ALL of you. case of ORAL Lichan Planus. . A 46 yr old female came to me FOR following complaints. *mouth ulcer type lesions since 1yr. *thats why unable to eat properly. *insomnia since 8 yrs. taking tranquilizers since. *general weakness. . taking allopathic medicines but not get complete relief. diagnosed as LP.. . HPE report is NORMAL. . House Wife +Farmer. workaholic. . Appetite:-decrease. thirst for cold water. dreams of religious. awakening suddenly. . Past history:-. previous c/o Anxiety neurosis. 8yrs back due to continued heavy work and untreated fever. at that time constantly doing suicidal tendency. after taking allopathic management for 4 yrs she is ok now. no any episodes occurs. . Two children with NORMAL delivery. . MENSES regular. . mentals:-- calm and quite. workaholic. . Share your valuable opinion,management plan regarding this case. Thanks.

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Acid Nitricum-200 helpful medicine Calandulla Q +Hydrastis Q add a glass of water hot water and two times gargle.

Treat anxiety neurosis. DashmulBrahmiAshwagandhaJatamansi ch morn empty stomach- At bed time. Ksahrdharmi ushnata vardhan due to over exertion & not taking proper med for fever. Ushna tiksna & ruksha gun vruddhi Dashmul sariwa yashti guduchi siddha ghrit nishakali. Nasya anutail Uparokta kwath for gandush.

Sir i agree with you , but consider ing the past H/O fever and pittaj syptom ..Paripathadi quath can b added along with it

Avipattikar churna 2 tsf tds ; Syrup Mentat DS 2 tfs tds ;Panch TIKITA ghrita 1 tsf bd; Irimedadi Taila Gandosh Dharan

Dr.Akshay Ingole such type of case briefing is essential for Ayurvedic or homeopathic diagnosis & treatment. Hetuviparit chikitsa gives dam sure results.

Increased heat all over body. Need vivechan, Shirodhara, Gandush. Need ipd for ayu trtment

Calendula Q for gurgling , Borax powder , Ferrum phos , Kali mur , natrum phos , any one Can helpful

plz give more information

Plz ask me what more you need. I am ready to give any regarding information about the case

Nux vom 200one Dose dry on tongue

Ars alb 200 One Dose dry on tongue

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