? schizophrenia

Today l examined one 48 yrs lady Profession Computer work as she Said Stays alone Divorse Presented to orthopedic surgeons With pain left knee foot low back Left thumb Has insomnia and dreams of dead persons Some psychotic symptoms Dellusion her office colleagues are Planning against her to get her Out of office Auditory hallucination as some one calling by her name She is depressed and had sucidal Thoughts She brought her MRI lumber & cervical spine with no evidence of spinal canal stenosis or evidence Of disc prolapse Her NCV upper & lower limbs are Normal Today i asked for blood uric acid Higher function is normal No neurological deficit Diagnosis = possibly schizophrenia I adviced Qutiapine Pl give your valuable opinion


Refer to neuro psychiatry

Valuable opinion

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Lachesis,200 Homoeo,

Percussion Delusion & Auditorial Hallucinations With negative symptoms ? "Negative Schizophrenia" Rx Antipsychotic drugs CBT

I agree

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