This is 18 years old female student is suffering from itching in skin rigid lesion that all over the body for one month to till, no any medicine tried up to now, no information about allergy, HIV NEGATIVE , no other chronic diseases, VDRL non reactive, no current medicine use , from poor community, ... Is this lichen planus? any idea on Diagnosis and treatment ? Thanks..




Lichen planus

Lichen planus

lichen planus with secondary infection

It is kushtha. -Do raktamokshan -Tab gandhak Rasayan 1bd -Tab Keshor Guggul 1bd -chandrakala ras 1bd -Paripathadi kwath 10ml bd All medicines after meal

Jaloukacharana can b tried

Lichen planus. Ignatia 30.

Lichen Planus.... Shodhana like vamana and virechana Followed by conservative treatments

Graphitis 200 weekly

Lichen Planus. Arsenicum Alb. mày be helpful.

Lichen planus advise arogyavardhani vati +giloy satva+ras manikya +kaishor guggulu with honey bd,mahamarichadi tail for application,haridrakhand avaleha bd,khadirarista bd,avipattikar churna hs

Also u can add sarivadyasav 2 tsf BD

Yes it is lichen planus

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