" TAKOTSUBO CARDIOMYOPATHY " 45Y /Female K/C/O :- HTN on medication C/o:- Sudden burning chest pain , Palpitations & Sweating ... On Examination :- S1 Loud S2 normal split S3 & S4 Absent Vital are normal BP :130/85 HR :- 110bpm No evidence of Pulmonary Edema seen ECG was advice ST Elevation In V3 - V4 1 , 2, avL & aVF Trop I :- 0.5 Patient started On 1)Oxygen 2)NTG sublingual 3)Asprin 325mg Chewable 4)Metaprolol 25 mg Angiography Was performed after 45 min of admission came out normal No vessel Occlusion seen 2D echo was advised Octopus heart seen " Takutsubo " Shape Then Patient family says recently her daughter devorce happened She was in tremendous stress . Patient was advice to Implant Intra aortic Pump...?! Waiting for Permission !


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