Pt has h/o fever Cough and cold for 3-4 days An episode of loose motion yesterday And rashes today over face neck n torso.. No any h/o drug allergy/bt/other medical illness Her sister too had such rashes 15 days back over face and neck.




Seems like purpura ,to rule out dengue

Drug alle?


Localised lesions on head and neck also in favour of herpes

Measles rashes THERE is one formula to remember rashes fever 1 Very. Varicella 2.Sick. scarlet 3.People pox 4.MUST. measles 5.Take. thyphus 6.Double dengue 7. Tea. Thyphiod U can diagnose fever from the of fever to day of rashes DR SHRI DHAR

Nice one

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Maculopapular drug eruption/ Any drug history ?

?food allergy ?GI infection

Rash looks like Measles.

are the investigations being performed??

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