Peripheral smear of the patient


Haemoglobinopathies suspected. Investigate for the same.

First of all. TLC is certainly not high. It is falsely raised due to marked normoblastemia. Hence, the importance if peripheral blood film examination. Marked anisopoikilocytosis, hypochromia/anisochromia, microcytes, dacryocytes, schistocytes, many target cells, spiculated cells, crenated cells, many polychromatophils and arge number of normoblasts seen. Platelets.. adequate Please count normoblasts per100 wbc.. and find out true leukocyte count by deducting nrbc. Likely Hemolytic state. Sug. Correlation with clinical features and haemolytic work up.. HPLC, coombs direct, lft

Sir the patient ha right lateral cervical swelling the images are with the linked case...fnac done I can see some binucleate cells what's your opinion sir ?

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Age? Clinical data?

Sir kindly see the linked case below

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