patient presented with this lesion over the hand since morning. patient was doing normal kitchen work. when she removed the gloves she noticed small blisters over the hand. as day passes area become sloughy. very mild pain is present. no itching. what is the diagnosis and treatment for this case.



rule out diabetes

In my understanding its the reaction caused due to the gloves when exposed to heat. The chemicals in the gloves were released when the gloves were near to heat leading this skin condition. You can treatvthis as a wound.

It looks like Herpes zoster. Anti viral drugs .

Allergy dermatitis find out diabetes

It seems to be contact allergic dermatitis. Vicharchika in Ayurvedic point of view. Please do jaloukavacharana, for 2 sittings. Give Haridra, nimba, triphala, chandana churna ( made in to paste) for application. Internally mahamanjishtadi, mahatiktaka kashaya, gandhaka rasayana and nimbadi guggulu will help.

ALLERGIC CONTACT DERMATITIS It can result from exposure toaccelerators and other chemicals used in the manufacture of most latex and non-latex gloves. Chemical accelerators are used in the glove manufacturing process to accelerate the linkage of rubber moleculesin rubber latex. The chemicals transform the liquid rubber into a thin, strong and elastic glove film, and stabilizes the material. Thesesulfur based chemical accelerators cause the majority of skin dermatitis reactions. Management: 1. Usage of LOW DERMATITIS POTENTIAL gloves. It is FDA approved gloves that have been tested, and are1)proven free of chemical accelerator residue 2)will not induce skin irritation, and3)will not cause any potential sensitization reaction. 2. Make sure hands are dry before using gloves. 3. Use gloves for minimum time.

Contact Dermatitis...* Lesions are herpetic .Latex Allergy pls do cbc esr stool urine AEC....IgE Send samples for c/ s...good to do a Blood Culture...

Allergic Dermatitis Chandanasav3tsfbid Sarasaparilla 2sfbid Usheerasav2tsfbid Panchavalkala kashaya can be used for washing the wound twice a day. External application of eladitaila alternate with kumkumadi taila twice a day. The course continued for about 10 days and then if required to be continued on observation.

Firstly uses saptgune tail infected area.


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