Interstitial lung disease

A female aged 54 years Chief Complaints Cough (on/off) (x 1 month) Breathlessness Loss of weight Pedal edema History K/c/o Rheumatoid arthritis (x 10 years) Physical Examination B/l crepitations(+)



Baccilinum 1 m one dose weakly.arsenic alb 39.natrum sulph 30.acid benzoic 30. Urtica ureans 30.sab dawa din m 3 baar lijiye 5.5.5. drop

Ek dawa aati h athma aid bakson company ka 10.10.10 gungune paani m lijiye 3baar.

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Patient being a chronic case of Rheumatoid arthritis and having cough and SOB, the diagnosis goes in favor of Interstitial pulmonary disease.

CT chest for RA infiltration

Rule out TB investigations ,sputum AFB,TB gold test It is case of tuberculosis with typical symptoms start AKT IP /CP REGIME ASPER WEIGHT shedule protein supplimentation Bplex tab daily

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Suggest to rule out pulmonary arterial hypertension

Interstitial lung disease is the first culprit

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Ild Pft Obstructive lung disease Ra disease Maybe effect of methotrexate Opinion of chest specialist Two drugs effective

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