inj haloperidol and inj phenergan is usually given in patients with acute psychotic symptoms. My question is that what is the preferred route of administration of both the injection? i.m or i.v?



personally, I Always prefer intramuscular and temporary physical restraint

at what doses?? haloperidol 5mg?? phenergan 25mg??

I go with Dr. arun I/m much more convenient n better route..

preferred is intra muscular route. haloperidol 5/10mg phenergan 25/50mg

Preferred route is IM

haloperidol can also be given along with lorazepam iv in combinations like hpl+lzm 4+2 and so on...this avoids the need for higher doses of hpl and also the need for phenergan to be given as separate im injection

Phenergen im only but Haloperidol iv

In intravenous drip.

Both the injections are safe when given either by I/V or I/m route. For quick response I/V route is preferred. But manufactures advise only intra muscular route. It can prolong qtc, so should be avoided in cardiac cases.

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