I was reminded of a case when I read this news. I had a 39 year old female with graves who was on Neomercazole and she developed sore throat after 6 months of therapy. She went to various ENT doctors thinking it is a normal case of sore throat but she didn't recover. Finally she landed in the emergency with sepsis and was diagnosed with agranulocytosis. This is a simple reminder that we should monitor CBC in patients who are on neomercazole. Share your views, if you have faced the same problem with some of your patients.



Agranulocytosis is the common a common adverse reactions noticed with Neomercazole, Periodical review a must watch for any pallor any time treat inordinately if suspected

absolutely correct Dr Diyva. Lots of people ignore or forget to check CBC of pts on antithyroid treatment. Its a very important point to note.

sir, how frequently should CBC be monitored. one of my relative is on neomercazole>

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Dear Divya, We are supposed to monitor CBP at periodical intervals as long as the patient is on Neomercazole. These are the recommendations from ATA American Thyroid Association. The major problem we encounter in our country is that everyone treats any disease without any basics. I have seen quacks 25 yrs ago when I started my clinical practice, were treating only fever, cough something like that, but to my surprise they are treating DM, HTN, Thyroid problems, even GDM with OHA. This looks ridiculous but this is a bitter fact, Government of Andhra Pradesh has gone much beyond a point giving two months Medical training to quacks started issuing certificates to allow them to practice legally. This is nothing but vote bank politics. As long as our politics doesn't change, system or society can not be renovated.

sir, how frequently should CBC be monitored in a patient who is on neomercazole

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We the qualified doctors must be given CME on regular basis too. Even the so called qualified doctors are not going by evidence based medicine. From the beginning I was emphasising only on evidence based medicine on this platform. I teach and practice only evidence based medicine, we are safe and the patients too. This is my personal opinion. Please don't misunderstand me. Try to inculcate from now onwards the art of practising evidence based medicine. This is my request and sincere appeal.

completely agree with you sir you are a great source of inspiration to all of us on Curofy. will try to follow on your footsteps.

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sir, another question which I would like to know is that should be continue neomercazole in hyperthyroid patients for one week after surgery as well or it should be stopped before surgery? thanks

Dear Vikas, Can you once again ask your question with clarity please ???

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What surgery, your question is vague, please ask with clarity.

Another important information about TabNeomercazole. As soon as the patient on Neomercazole c/o Sore throat Bruising Bleeding Mouth ulcers Fever Malaise. Stop the drug Neomercazole and consult the doctor and the doctor should immediately order CBP or else we miss the diagnosis or the patient too. Stopping Neomercazole almost reverses the condition AGRANULOCYTOSIS. Monitoring methods. Immediately after a month the pt on Neomercazole must be ordered CBP.and from then onwards once in 3 months regularly. First of know the potential side effects of the drug you are prescribing, or else please refer to the specialist concerned. You are safe and the patients too.

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