I--. 71Y/ M S---NSTEMI, cardiogenic shock, ( EF 30) with cardiogenic Pulmonary edema/ right side pneumonia/ severe anaemia/ AKI/ Ischemic hepatitis/ coagulopathy/ severe metabolic acidosis/ refractory hyperkalemia?peripheral vascular disease. B-- Admitted in outside Hospital yesterday afternoon with history of DOE/ pedal edema / cough since 15 days. Suddenly became breathless, developed Shock, ECG S/ O NSTEMI intubated and shifted to emd on Noradrenaline and Dopamine 20 ml each , given 1 mg adrenaline and 0.6 mg atropine before Shifting. A-- On arrival to EMD Spo2 80 / BP 90/40,HR--130. ABG HAGMA with Lactate of 15. EF--30, B lines. Cardio seen advised DAPT/ HEPARIN. R-- 2 PCV trans fusion HB-- 4/ Nephro advised Hyperkalemia correction if refractory then SLEDD under High risk. Patient son counselled regarding poor prognosis. Left femoral arterial line placed, right IJV insitu from outside hospital. Culture sent started on PIPTAZ .


You are doing your best Pl get a CAG and urgent PCI

Nice case Keep hope alive Team of consultant must treat

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