hard swelling irt 46 in 8 year old child is systemic antibiotics necessary .pt complaining difficulty in swallowing and hav low grade fever

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If it's 46 swelling looks independent separate issue....need pic & opg/ iopa. Left side also periorbital edema noticeable...looks associated systemic problem needs admission & investigations.

Yes sir. Both might be separate issues. And need immediate attention and management.

Child appears sick ... Needs admission and iv antibiotics... Renal parameters for bilateral periorbital edema.... What are the intraoral findings sir ?

Do urine r/e , serum albumin , serum cholesterol , c3 level . Is there h/o hematuria . Do measure bp. R/o post streptococcal glomerulonephritis n nephrotic syndrome.

Needs admission

I think they are two issues... there wont be swelling under eye if it is only the problem with 46...kindly check with other things also doc

I patient has bilateral peri orbital edema.it has many causes like chagas disease trypnnpomiasis tear gland dysfunction mononucleosis nephritis syndrome trichinosis vena cava obstruction .the patient must be referred to physician before treatment for 46 can b initiated.

Its cellulitis Augmentin metrogyl ketorol dt iopa xray reqd to see tooth associated n abscess drainage

Looks like Angioneurotic oedema due to some allergy. Can try antihistamines and corticosteroids.

Yes definitely antibiotics is must with such swelling. Augmentin 375 TID as per his body weight. Also analgesics with paracetamol or Acetaminophen to reduce inflammation. Acute Space infection. We can see that it is bilateral. Swelling seen periorbital region both sides and right submaxillary space. It might go to ludwigs angina so need to act early. What are the intraoral findings ? Take an OPG. Does patient has any other medical conditions other than dental/oral ? Had they applied hot fermentation or applied any balm in that area to reduce pain ? This will definitely aggravate the condition. May need to consult ENT surgeon also.

Yes agree consultation with ENT is also required Sir. also I/o radiographic findings are required

They are two different issues. Swelling in periorbital region and swelling in 46 region. Immediate start antibiotic and anti-inflammatory (iv). Need admission and investigation

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