good morning curofyans please diagnose case presented with sudden pain and swelling overnight space infection with cellulitis # what is the line of treatment I started iv ceftriaxone metronidazole antacid is it advisable to start dexamethasone need your valuable feed back



if any carious toot then also open the canals for drainage. Incision n drainage may relieve symptomps quickly with medication.

dexa not indicated unless resp. distress present. if pus present , I&D with cs of pus.

it's allergic reaction. give anti allergic

pt require immediate incision and drainage

Infected tooth. Xray and open the canal. Cefuroxime 500 twice a day Metronidazole 400 TDS Diclo + chymo trypsin TDS Saline mouth rinse.

Add anti inflammatory.

oral anti inflammatory had been kept sir I forgot to mention but I have a doubt that is it useful to include dexa in cellulitis

No Dexa,it is cellulitis,even discontinue Antacids,start with serratiopetadase/trypsin/Chymotripsin with Aceclofenac or Diclofenac.

Eliminate any dental cause - there could be high probability of decayed teeth - high chances of lower wisdom tooth or lower molar may be decayed An appointment with a dentist is a must !

may insect bite followed by infection. antibiotic and antiinflammatory are enough.

extensive inflamation

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