Enteric Infections - Approach to the Patient

Typhoid or enteric fever is mainly caused by S. Typhi and also to a lesser extent by S. Paratyphi A. Humans are the only reservoir for these organisms. Economically developing nations face the disease as a major public health problem. Share your thoughts on this prevalent disease in the community........



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Prevalency of enteric infection is very common due to socioeconomic condition , people migrate from one place to another for their earning. Safe food and drinking water is very important for prevention. Information education and communication skills are important for preventing the disease. Very good appreciated information for us. Thank you doctor.

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Enteric Infections.. Approach to the patient.. Nice presentation.. Useful information.. Clinical.. Epidemiology.. Typoid.. Nice illustration thanks doctor

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More useful and information given but it's not enough.....in present day situations preventive measures are mubt be very important and public awareness also.

Superb,,,very much useful and informative,,,even in our day to day practice many patients came with vague symptoms which are highly suggestive of enteric fever,,,,but due to less knowledge and experience doctors miss the diagnosis,,,so ur post is really invaluable in creating awarness Thank u so much @Medi- Insights

Thank u @Dr. Narendra Kumar sir

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Useful Helpful Informative Thank you ,👍

Very useful and informative presentation. Thanks for sharing Sir

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Useful information with nice presentation.

Nice presentation.

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