Diabetic middle aged male with 4-5 days history of Oral lesion. .suggestions please. .



yes it is herpetic gingivostomatitis with herpes labialis. acyclovir 800mg five times daily 4 hours apart betadine gargles NSAIDS sos tight control of sugars is also important so continue treatment of DM.

1 Herpes simplex labialis with palatal ulcer and stomatitis. Since history is short no chance of leukoplakia or malignancy. There is secondary anaerobic infection. Treatment 1Tab Ornidazole 500mg B.D for 5 days 2.Tab Acivir 400 mg BD for 5days 3.Tab Becozyme C forte BD FOR 15 DAYS 4 Oral betadine gargles

agrew with you sir.

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Herpetic gingivostomatitis

it is acute herpetic gingival to mat it is.tab acyclevir 800 bd.controlling bsl,bit_c & b-complex.

it can be drug induced hypersensitivity reaction....

DD- Erythema Multiformae... happens to drugs n even after exposure to herpetic infection. DM has probably added to the condition

how is the general health ??

any other signs and symptoms ??

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dd: fixed drug reaction

looks like acute herpetic gingivostomatitis.

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