A male aged 65 years is having cough, fever, recurrent haemoptysis,loss of appetite and loss of weight since 3 months.Patient is chronic smoker. X-ray (1) dated 10 May 2017 (2) dated 14 July 2017 are attached. Comments on X-ray and how to proceed in this case.



1st xray -Left midzone opacities.2cxr-Trachea upper part shifted to left,Left dome of diaphragm raised, with non-homogeneous opacities nd a round dense opacity- Bronchogenic ca.

? Superior mediastinal mass with collapse of left lung. Needs HRCT for further evaluation.

Right sided middle zone pneumothorax

Left parahilar cavitating mass which worsened in 2 months causing collapse of left lung with shift of mediastinum to ipsilateral side, rib crowding and raised dome of diaphragm..given the history of smoking.. squamous cell lung cancer more likely.. non malignant causes mostly tubercular .. sputum exam will differentiate.. Cect chest/pet ct followed by fob with tblb for diagnosis..

I think there is not shift of mefiastinum

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1scan Copd with left mid Zn having cavitary lesion with left hilum enlarged 2 scan Left lung totally volume lost with mainly as collapse Dgx Tubercular Malignant Or duoble pathology tb and CA both in same lung Ct Sputum

Left sided cavity lesion in 1st image with collapse in 2nd one so p/o mass lesion more likely Go for CT and bronchoscopic biopsy

A male aged 65 with H/o chronic smoker and x-ray reveal involving left upper zone and Middle zone and hilar density suggestive of Carcinoma(Bronchogenic carcinoma) Investigations also to be done to exclude TB,Fungal,and other infections.

Yes sir,definitely

Earlier i haven't seen 2nd x-ray

Left parahilar mass lesion with volume loss left lung with collapse consolidation left upper lung. Br.cA.

First one seems to be consolidation in left mid zone ? Early patch or mass... Second one shows collapse consolidation or mass ? Ca lung...As there is history of hemoptysis...

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