A crossbreed cattle having history of temp 104. pale mucus membrane,

a crossbreed cattle having history of temp 104. pale mucus membrane, hyperventilation, tachycardia, reduced feed intake, refuse to eat concentrate, tretment conducted for two days including Oxytetracyclin , catasol, Meloxicam , cpm for 2days novizac for first day tonophosphan, feritas and vitcofol , berenil for next day, then no response to treatment then blood analysis conducted the findings of blood analysis are Hb 7.5, theileriasis positive, granulociytosis. after this given butalex , feritas, vitcofol, ascorbic acid, Melonex,cpm. still temp is persists what should we do.



In this case, may be due to long time thileriosis, anemia will hapen. and due to this basic metabolic rate decreased so temperature should not be decreased. so give tharoxin Tab. and vitamin ad3 and any steroids

Must be mixed infection once again go for blood scan some time indiscriminate use of antibiotics may increase the body temperature

instead of meloxicam use phenyl butazone a therapeutic dose following another dose 12 hrs later will give anti inflammatory anti pyretic effect for 24 to 48 hrs advice to give cold apply water on eyes and over head possible keep a cloth immerred on cold water over forehead surrounding ear apply jel pack over both jugular vein and tie it it will cool the blood going to brain fetch you some good result after48 hrs continue phenyl butazone repeated ly provide liver protectant liv52 orally too much of drug will damage liver it may affect the transformation of drug it lead to limited drug action provide adlibidum fluid orally via iv here we recorded impaction in these type of caes possibly provide oral liq paraffin depending on dung consistency

Dr Sandeep.... if it is theileria positive, you may please avoid NSAIDS as it is taxing on liver and kidneys. I would suggest DEC @ 10 mg/kg orally as single daily doses for three days and oral cetrizine for three days. you can also use lugols iodine (5%) 5ml I/v as febrifuge. products containing silimarin and choline helps in faster recovery from the liver damage as a part of the pathogenesis. never use fluids as there I'll be pneumonia. if there is pneumonia try with ceftiofur or long acting enrofloxacin or sulpha TMP . In my area I got maximum results with sulpha TMP. deriphyllin and diuretics help to resolve pneumonia faster. iron preparation are better avoided since there will be considerable hemosiderosis in liver. butaphosphan plus cyanocobalamin is the haematuria of choice.

please read as haematinic instead of haematuria

Check pre scapular lymph node for theileriosis

In oriental Theileriosis the lymph nodes are enlarged only when there is severe pneumonia

dr most of the cross breed animals in india have carrier state of theileria.u collect blood sample from good one from same herd .u may got positive for theileria. your case may be leptospirosis.give oxy hydrochloride 20mg kg b.wt in NS for 5days.donot give directly im or iv.bcoz propylene glycol base induce intravasculr hemolysis.along with tribivet .meloxi para and cpm.avoid liver extract inj.recomend Tefroli oral hematinic 50ml once for 10days

In leptospirosis in our area icterus is a common finding. He gave OTC for two days before taking the blood sample... if it's positive for theileria in spite of two doses Of OTC.... the primary problem is with theileria it self

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In severe theileriosis, even if you are giving buparvaquone the pyrexia may persist for 2 or 3 days. I think hyperventillation is from anaemia hypoxia rather than pneumonia.

yes dr you are right it may persist for up to 72 hrs. generally I am injecting dextrose 25% daily 500ml daily with OTC 100ml and analgin and catasol for next 3 day it gives best recovery and recover milk production also. also oraly liver tonic and energy booster like anabolite ya ebooster etc it will gives best recovery in milk production also

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