A Clinical case of Spinal Tuberculosis (Pott’s Spine)

Dr. Omar Bachh is sharing a clinical Case of Spinal Tuberculosis (Pott’s Spine) diagnosed & managed with great expertise by him. Share your views on the case & learn new things. Follow us for more such updates!



Excellent post sir

Excellent case

Well done. Thanks for sharing the case

Well done done. Thanks for sharing

Very good

Excellent post

Excellent post

Congratulations! Your case has been selected as Case of the day and you have been awarded 5 points for sharing the case. Keep posting your interesting cases, Happy Curofying!

A clinical case of spinal Tuberculosis ( Pott' S disease ) From introduction to few points to learn including case history profile examination investigation and treatment follow up nicely complied. Thanks for sharing.

Thanks Dr Dinesh Gupta

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