A Clinical Case of Left Knee Osteoarthritis

Dr. Zameer Ali is sharing a clinical Case of Left Knee Osteoarthritis diagnosed & managed with great expertise by him. Share your views on the case & learn new things. Follow us for more such updates!



Very informative and useful discussion... @Dr. Zameer


Congratulations! Your case has been selected as Case of the day and you have been awarded 5 points for sharing the case. Keep posting your interesting cases, Happy Curofying!

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Good case discussion

Very informative and useful presentation

Thanks Dr Ashok Leel Sir

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Thanks for sharing new experience.

Very Nice Sir ji

Excellent post

Congratulations for successfully managing case of osteoarthritis from history family history investigation differential diagnosis treatment pre nd post operative examination and follow up handle with precision and share with us for educative purpose. Thanks for sharing.

Thanks Dr Narendra Kumar

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