A 71 year old female presented with the right hip pain. No history of fall. Radiograph of right hip is posted. Give your opinion on the case.

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Hip labral tear

Discuss with physiotherapist and take it Anti infalmetry medicine

Age related changes give tens, hip strengthening exercises and gluteal massage

Nothing remarkable is seen

i dont see anything remarkable xray other than some features suggestive of femoro-acetabular impingement. kindly elaborate on clinical examination

there is narrowing of joint space along the superolateral aspect of the hip joint with osteophyte formation and sclerosis or articular surfaces

These are charecterstic radiographic findings of hip osteoarthritis.

Inflammatory arthritis?

Xray shows age related arthritic changes. No AVN or other anomaly. Evaluate​ the right SI joint.and lumbar segments. If patient not on blood thinners, try dry needling for glutes

I will never comment just on xrays, unless I examine the patients properly. No body should do that.

Exactly I too once came across such case with severe pain while extension and abduction of rll not only x rays even CT was nad and pt recovered after 15 days.
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