A 66 year old female presented with right hip and gluteal pain over the last 2 years. Patient has no known history of trauma.




Fibrous dysplasia

Fibrous dyplasia

fibrous dysplasia of proximal femur

Is it Liposclerosing myxofibrous tumor or Intraosseous lipoma

lucent lesion in the right intertrochanteric region and femoral neck.

mild osteoarthritis of the right femoroacetabular joint.

Fibrous dysplasia?

Osteolytic lesion in proximal femur, with surrounding sclerosis, suggestive of healing changes in some pre-existing pathology, may be fibrous dysplasia or fibular graft site, or some neoplastic pathology. However, further investigations in form of CT/MRI scanning, or FNAC testing may decide the diagnosis and management accordingly.

I agree with Dr S Srivastava

Thanks, Dr. Umesh.

Fibrous dysplasia.

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