A 60year old man presented with complaints of ulcer over lateral border of tongue from 6 months. Know smoker. Not an alcoholic. Images are enclosed. Most probable diagnosis and dd' s



adv biopsy to rule out malignancy

carcinoma (mostly squamous cell) or just an ulcer with chronic inflammation

Squamous cell carcinoma tongue.

Squamous cell carcinoma, advised biopsy.

It's clear case of carcinoma lateral border of tongue looking at the lesion and kindly confirm it with biopsy and histopathology. Check out palpable lymph nodes and go for further investigations like CT/MRI. Oncologist needed here to guide you and start with surgery and radio/chemo therapy. All the best.

squamous cell carcinoma. advise biopsy. .

squamous cell carcinoma ,most common one

Long standing non healing ulcer on tongue should be biopsied for malignancy. Treatment depends on biopsy report.

sq cell carcinoma.

squamous cell carcinoma

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