A 52/M Patient came for Back pain treatment.. - Tenderness at Lt Sacroiliac joint and Lt gluteal region.. - Radiating pain in Lt LL, while walking he complains. - Piriformis shortness + - Plz feel free to diagnose the radiograph and express ur views on Physiotherapy management... ...Thank u



X-ray looks ok... Give tens for leg pain and ift for back pain

simple diagonsis pyriformis is short so sciatica and stretch the pyfeiformis and apply hot pack.. there ends the treatment and patient will be

Adv.MRI Lumbar spine

sacral spinal dysraphism. mri will help

suspected case of lumbar spondylosis with sciatica deep heating modality like S.W.D followed by lumbar traction and mobilization and TENS for radiating pain will work for first few days followed by back extensor exercises thereafter

sacral hiatus

osteoporosis advice mri tuberculosis?

reduced lt si joint space with mild sclerosis of articular margin, suggest, it sides sacroillitis. sacral hiatus is noted.

left sacroiliac joint shows widening with I'll defined margins inferioriorly:to evaluate for sacroilitis

MRI of LS spine with screening of Pelvis to see SI joint inflammation.

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