A 32 years old Male with history of left upper limb fine tremors- progressive asymmetrical extrapyramidal type tremors since 2 years A Brain SPECT Scan is indicative of severely diminished presynaptic dopaminergic function of right basal ganglia a d partial dopaminergic dysfunction of left basal ganglia



There is definite clinical diagnostic criteria for PD& should diagnose clinically. Left upper limb fine tremor is not characteristic of PD.PD is characterised by coarse rest tremor but not fine tremor.PD is not diagnosing on the basis of tremor alone SPECT is useful for distinguishing PD From DOPA responsive dystonia or for assessing the integrity of the nigrostriatal dopaminergic pathway in atypical cases of postural tremor or iatrogenic PD syndrome.SPECT also quantify the loss of nigrostriatal dopaminergic fibers in PD & also useful in detecting the dopaminergic dysfuntion in asymptomatic at risk relatives.SPECT is not useful in diagnosing PD & PD should diagnose as per clinical criteria. Ref the pt to near by Neurologist to make the diagnosis & to start appropriate med

Thanks ma'am for the clarification

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Yes sir agreed with colleagues this is typical parkinsons disease Rx agree wth dr Neela Iyer start with tab syndopa plus 1bd or tds and tab pacitane 2mg 1tds.

Thanx dr Shital Jadhav

Parkinsons disease treated with levodopa Rehabilitation -Exrecise Programs are recommended in a people with parkinsons disease to improve quality of life

?Parkinson's disease

Diagnosis of PD is clinical. See if there is bradykinesia i.e. slowness of repititive movements, it is the sine qua non of PD. Other features like rigidity, gait instability, autonomic dysfunction may or may not be there. DaT scan is not necessary for PD diagnosis.

Parkinson's. Treatment with Syndopa plus. Twice a day. If required pacetane can be added

? Parkinson's

This is a very typical,classical presentation suggestive of clinical parkinsons disease (stage !-2).This pt is in dire need of levadopa to control his presentations.kindly contact Dr Monorama nuerologist a regular contributor to this page for definitive clinical infmn.

Thanks. Sir

Diagnosis towards Parkinson's disease. Also r/o other things.

Parkinson's disease

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