A 29 yr old male patient c/o sudden onset diplopia on right side lateral gaze with diminution of vision and headache No h/o trauma to eye No h/o hypertension all vitals normal NH/o diabetes mellitus CBC showing mild leukocytosis with predominant eosinophils no anemia NH/o thyroid abnormality NO any refractive error Advised MRI brain showing Fusiform enlargement of belly of right lateral rectus muscle s/o myositis Treatment taken tab omnacortil 20 mg for 3 days followed by tab omnacortil 10 mg for 2 days along with multivitamins and antioxidants for 15 days On treatments his symptoms relieved completely but on stopping the treatments symptoms reappears Kindly advise if he needs hospital admission for iv steroids and antibiotics Kindly advise regarding any other investigation Give proper Rx and how to manage further for this patient



It seems to be a case of NMO Refers the the patient to Neurosurgeon

Thank you doctor

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