A 28 year woman complain of intermittent vomiting since about 2 years with Types 2 diabetes, progressive emaciation,loos of apitite and felling severe weakness. Investigation is showing pancreatitis in sonogram, fungal esophagitis. After medical treatment she doesn't get any relief. vomiting is continuing , after taking insulin , she suffered with hypoglycemia severely. so can Ayurvedic save him. l need suggestion. thanks.




Due to esophagitis difficulty in digglutation so she needs to give iV fluids antifungal treatment intravenous antifungal regime and for chronic pancreatitis needs ayurvedic treatment if persistent pain recurring symptoms needs at last pancreatectomy

First rule out immunodeficiency

Wat can do through yoga

She must be on insulin infusion

Intermittent vomiting is may be due to obstruction at any level of GIT. Pain ki koi history h kya pt.ki?

The case looks like turning into kshaya roga .My opinion is to give peya of laja ela musta amalaki shunti(littel quantity) added with takra in muhur muhur oushada kala little little by amount. so that agni vruddhi happens. Along liv 52 syp 10 ml bd after food

Rohitakatishta can also be given as there is pancreatitis Along with ur prescribed medication

AYU RX SYP ROHITHAKRISTHA SYP Madhiphala rasayanam ANY ONE DM medication

Advise 1st S.Amylase and S.Lipase

B 12 def rule out erosion on oesophegus.

First of all her appetite should be increased by giving her agnivardak medicine.. stop insulin.. 1.lavanbhaskar churan 3mg b.d. 2.liv 52 1 tab b.d. 3.cap glymin 2tab b.d. 4.nishakatakadi kashayam 5.shigru guggulu 1tab b.d.

I agree

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