70yr/female, chr smoker history of severe headache, BP normal, no history of DM or tuberculosis ..kindly comment on xray



Cardiomegaly with bilateral pul oedema with fluid in rt cp angle..mostly trasudative

I agree with Dr G Harbilass

Thanks dr umesh sir

Cor pulmonale

I do agree with Dr Atahar rpt xray &absolute Eosinophil count PFT CBP with ESR

Heterogeneous opacities both lower lung fields. Bilateral lower lobe pneumonitis?? Advised sputum microscopy and CBC. If sputum is negative for AFB than give a course of antibiotics for 7to 10 days and repeat X-ray is suggested.


Rt.Plural effusion

I agree with Sir Harbilass...

Thanks dr bansal sir

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Bilateral basal infiltrates with minimal effusion Could be cardiac or infective If infective likely viral or atypical infection

Cardiomegaly with bilateral Lz infiltrates. Both cp angles are obliterated. Bilateral lower lobe pneumonitis. Exclude PTB with appropriate investigations

Cardiomegaly with bilateral LZ infiltrates and blunt both cp angles Possibly pulmonary edema Go for ECG and echo

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