62 years male presents with multiple erosions and scaly crusts on a red inflamed base- present on the face, scalp and upper trunk. Complains of a burning sensation. No itching. ...the second image is his histopathological findings...diagnose the case ...enumerate the histopathological findings? May be useful for our speciality... Exclude one by one with the help of clinical and histopathological exam by which are mentioned in the following... PUSTULAR PSORIASIS LICHEN PLANUS IMPERIGO PEMPHIGUS VULGARIS PEMPHIGUS FOLIACEOUS TEN Ig A PEMPHIGUS SUBCORNEAL PUSTULAR DERMATOSIS..



The clinical picture is classical for PEMPHIGUS FOLIACEOUS.... Intact blisters are rarely seen Acantholysis may not be seen Subtle spongiosis with esinophilic predominance may be seen... The second histopathological image shows absent STRATUM CORNEUM with subcorneal neutrophil micro abscess Differentials are Pustular psoriasis Dermatophytes Impetigo Subcorneal Pustular dermatosis Ig A PEMPHIGUS PEMPHIGUS Foliaceous

@ pemphigus vulgaris

In homeopathy I suggest SULPHUR.

Pemphigus Foliaceous

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Symmetric acanthosis. Parakeratosis, hyperkeratosis. Patchy tinning of suprapapillary plate Upper dermal capillary proliferation. Intense neutrophilic exudate on epidermal surface.. stratum corneum.. along with eosinophils. No cleavage. No acantholytic cell. Neutrophilic aggregates in perivascular distribution.. in reticular dermis. Likely Pustular psoriasis.

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It's pemphigus vulgaris as far as my observation goes. It should be treated with corticosteroids orally as well as local application.