59 year old this is the image what is the treatment



gulvel satva + godanti bhasma. ushirasava

multiple ulcers on tongue lateral border. based on duration,if long standing and non-healing, check for diabetes, and D/D malignancy, erosive lichen planus. if sudden onset, see for local irritation like sharp tooth. Adv CBC, blood sugar examination. Local symptomatic management. if lesion fails to heal,biopsy required

no complete history has been given, if already treated as simple glossitis wid b.comiex iron suppliment wid oral applications n sharp teeth has been excluded then go for biopsy to r/o malignancy

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magenta colour toungue,ulcerations.:-FolicAcid

glossitis with traumatic tounge biting.Do a biopsy to rule out any malignancy,also trim any sharp tooth edges or remove any such sharp less functionally imp.tooth.If a tobacco user ask him to stop the habbits immediately. Also check for ESR n other blood parameters.Can prescribe a good pre-probiotics to improve oral n gastric health.

Yes biopsy needed

Ulcer of tongue, advised biopsy, it's squamous cell carcinoma.

advised blood test cbc sugar hiv n biopsy for squamous cell carcinoma.

Ulcerative lesion of tongue. Please do biopsy to rule out malignancy. No detailed history. No information about habits like gutkha or tobacco.

It can Be aphthous ulcer of Tongue.. First thing ask about history of habit than star with multiple vitamin tablets.. Take biopsy

traumatic ulcer due to sharp margin of teeth. correct the sharp margin.give antibiotics. give hexidine gel for local application.

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