57 M. came for pain left shoulder and hand . Not aggravated by walking. Not suggestive of CAD. Analyse ECG. Comment. Are there subtle signs to suggest ischemia ? Lipid profile raised above normal by 10%.



Do troponin Though ecg seems to be normal nstemi and unstable angina may be there

Go for stress test to r/ o IHD IF NORMAL CX SPINE X RAY

Ecg is normal sir. Go for the echo and trop i Or it may be muscular but evaluation must be done

Normal resting ECG. But it will be a wise step to keep patient under observation for 24 hours and do serial ECGs and cardiac enzyme estimation.

P wave inverted in L1& L 2 Ecg wnl

Inf wall ischemia is present, lead 2,3 Avf st changes and t vave flattening

Normal ecg.

Welcome. T in V1 more than V6. Is it significant ?

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