55 year female, nondiabetic , hypertensive, has a non healing ulcer , gradually increases in size, erodes into nose. diagnosis and management



Post nossprick wound.

BCC.... There is extensive destruction of ala cartilage plastic surgery reconstruction with WLE required...

Melanoma is also a possibility. Excision with at least one cm away from the lesion at all sides and boost may be done Then treatment accordingly.

Please read biopsy instead of boost.

Pigmented BCC.

Pigmented BCC Nodulo ulcerative lesion showing rolled,pearly edge , slowly progressive,locally invasive,eating into underline structure like cartilage or bone,if left untreated. Lymphdenopathy or metastasis do not occurs. Adv HPE. Rx Moh's microscopic surgical removal with radiotherapy .

Bcc! (seen as rodent ulcer! )

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