50 year female with reflux esophagitis,always having nausea,pain andomen,heaviness in head,

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Endoscopy for hpylori. Deworming - surgery for fibroid if required .

give PPI deworm the patient treat UTI accordingly plan Sx for fibroid uterus rule out helicobacter pylori

Rule out hiatus hernia, advised cardiac profile.

Dr. Ankur sir, according to ayurveda such condition occurs due to urdha gati of apan vayu..... For Fibroid better to suggest for hysterectomy.... For present complaints you can advice - Brihat vata Chintamani rasa 1 tab BD - Sootshekhar Rasa 1 tab BD - Brahmi Vati 1 tab BD - Drakshasava + Kumaryasava = 10+10ml with 20ml of water - Avipattikar Churna + Abhrak Bhasma = 3gm BD with luke warm water Advice for yoga and pranayam

Advised UGI endoscopy. With test for H.Pylori. If +ve Pylokit for 2 weeks If _ve PPI +Levosulpiride 75 mg 0.D for 2-3 months. De worm the patient. Uterine fibroid needs no definitive treatment. Only follow up as patient is of menopausal age

Endoscopy to rule out causr &test for H Pylori infection. If H Pylori + then treat HPylori infection. Life style & Diet. modification. will help. Antiamoebic treatment UTI Treatment

give pitta samak treatment

Rx Tab sookton 2tds shoolvajrini vati 4 g m +shankh bhsm 2gm suvarna sootshekher ras2gm amlapittantakloh4gm mix & devide in 20 dose for 10 days .sypvomitab 2tsfqid deworm with krimi udhar ras 2tab TDs

Give pylokit 2 week regime if still not improving then have to go for an esophageal manometry and 24hr pHmetry to r/o GERD..

Dear Dr Ankur Treat with Avipattikara Churna 2 gm bid with butter milk Maha Sankha Vati 2 tab bid with Ardhraka swarasa Chandra Kala Ras 250 mg bid Naarasimha Rasayana 5 gm bid Thanks With regards

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