45yr/F pain in left knee joint since 3 months, difficulty in walking NO H/O trauma.no local rise of temp,no swellings.knee ROM near normal and painfull,on Analgesics and chondroprotectives..please suggest treatment options



OA Treatment & Rest Avoid pressure and cross leg sittings ,use comod

Osteoporotic changes noted Markedly reduced lateral compartment Osteophytes medial femoralncondyle And patelar osteophytes seen Suggestive of OA

Thanx dr Dinesh Gupta

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It's osteoarthritis Regular physiotherapy help full

Early OA changes.. Rule out any possibility of Bone TB..by Mantoux Test ... Kerp alert on BMI.

Patelofemoral and tibiofemoral OA

Degenerative changes in left knee joint. Medial space reduced. Osteophytes seen in medial joint space & posteriorly to patella. NSAIDs, Physiotherapy ( SWD , Joint mobilization of Mulligan technique, ROM & strengthening Exercises) Rule out for Rheumatoid arthritis, any meniscal & ligament involvement, or any other infective disorders. If overweight, suggested weight reduction.

Seems to be early osteoarthritis. Medial joint space is reduced. Quadriceps and hamstrings strengthening exercises and analgesics

Early OA changes on medial compartment side. Suggest physiotherapy treatment to lower the progression OA

Medial compartment and patello femoral OA Periarticular osteoporosis Erosion of under side of patella Rule out inflammatory arthritis and tuberculus arthritis CBC esr RA factor Uric acid Crp Mantaux test Chest xray Usg evaluation of knee Reassess with reports

Early OA changes. Medial compartment more involved. Patellofemoral joint arthritis as well. Subchondral cysts can be seen in distal femur and proximal tibia. Get complete workup done to rule out inflammatory cause RA factor,ESR,CRP,CBC h/o other joint or other system involvement?

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