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b'42 yrs female c/c Pain upper abdomen, Dyspepsia & Fever off n on since 3 months.\nEarlier Rxed for Enteric Fever.\nH/o Loose Stools off & on\nHeadache\nWeight loss +ve\nO/E ---\nP/A-- Mild tenderness over paraumbilical region\nDecreased bowel sounds\nTLC 14200\nESR 75\nMONTOUX Negative\nUSG attached\nWidal negative\nMP Ag negative\nCXR Normal\nXray abd attached\nStool R/E pus cells 8-10, bacillus positive\n\n\nESR 74\nPatient doing well.\nNormal stools, No Fever, Appetite improved\nNo fresh complaints\nShould we start ATT???'


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Enterocolitis ? Intestinal Tuberculosis Hypokalemia Anaemia

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Enterocolitis ? Intestinal Tuberculosis Hypokalemia Anaemia

Stool exam has not been listed It should be done Routine C S Intestinal Tuberculosis is a possibility Others = whipples disease Lymphoma of gut Crohn's diseasrneed exclusion CECT Abdomen Double baloon enteroscopy Small intestinal aspirate C S Mitotic cells CBNATT Capsule Endoscopy

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Hi, doctor i feel still deeper history need to be taken regarding bowel habits, menstrual history, if possible advice stool examination. I think it may be a case of intestinal obstruction associated with piles or fissure in ano... Here patient needs line of treatment as that of alasaka and visoochika... And arshas chikitsa. Initially you can advice deepana with trikatu, or chitraka preprations. After that advice aragvadadi kashayam for 2 months. Due to its sramsana action there will be digestion and visravana of mala. Which reduces abdominal pressure. In this case intake of dry and hard digesting food need to be restricted instead soft and easily digestable foods like kichadi of moong dhal , barly water intake need to be adviced and water rich fruits to be taken and boiled vegitables to be adviced. Isab gol with water regular intake will help. After wards also if no relief then can try with enema or basthi with eranda preprations may be kashaya basthi and anuvasana alternatively will help. After all these treatments patient need to be adviced to do virechana regularly every month so that the condition dosent reoccur . here for virechana use eranda taila only. Thanks for taking my view kindly provide your opinion on this comments and treatment.

ENTERIC FEVER Prawal panchamrit,swarn vasantmalti,giloysat,godanti -Laxmivilas -Sanjivani Adv-liquid diet,plenty of fluid

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