38Y Male with breathlessness and pedal edema. Comment on CXR. will reveal past history in discussion.



dextro cardia with bi lateral lower lobe and apical lobe consolidation both Costo phenic angle r visible in x ray cardio megaly noted what past history copd may be patient have constipation gases shadow

on CXR, biventricular enlargement, CHF leading to pedal oedema and breathlessness due left ventricular enlargement.

May b pericardial effusion.


cardiomegaly vth LVH. Vth b/l lung fields reduced . Rt lower lobe vth consolidation areas. Vth enhanced pulmonary markings&dialated major vessels. More towards favouring signs of CCF.. Doc pls let us know all the findings..Gud post.

Dilated cardiomyopathy with CCF..

Dcmp with percadiacl effusion


Dilated cardiomyopathy with CCF with pedal oedema and breathlessness

DCMP with CCF.. Does the patient has ascitis also.. Any past history of alcoholism

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