37 year male presented with severe acne. This condition starts

37 year male presented with severe acne. This condition starts 2 months ago. And acne increases in no since then. He gives previous history of such lesions as well. He denies use of any cosmetic product. What is the management for this case?



Acne vulgaris Tab kamduda 2bd Tab gandhak rasayan 2bd Tab prawal 2bd Sariva curna 1tsf bd Trifla churna 1tsf only bed time in night warm water Kumkumadi ghrit for local application

Sir its Acne vulgaris wd d papulo pustule and small cystic like lession. Its closed to comedones . Sir acne vulgaris is common cause in adolescent age due to hypersecretion of male hormone, p. Acne bacteria infection,stress constipation, excessive taking of non veg, masala, chat pakodas etc. Tt. Althrocin 500 mg tab 1bd 3 to 7 days aft meal Rcool dsr cap 1bd bfr meal 3 to 7 days Unienzyme tab 1bd aft meal Isabgol husk every night aft meal wd luke warm water. Face wash wd benzoil peroxide Apply calamine lotion or otherwise u can suggest d retinods cream. And also Avoid d all aggravated cause of acne vulgaris.

HALDI (Haridra) should be added to Dr.Nirmal Sharma's treatment, to be taken orally(Haridra Khand) and in face pack or local applications. DIABETES to be ruled out.

Acne vulgaris.. Hepar sulp-200c Cal sulp-12x Berberis aqua +-echinecea q for external application and internal intake TDs..

I agree with the management advised by @Dr. Yogesh Jatav @Dr. Geetha Bettadaraya @Dr. Nirmal Sharma sir.... Along with this management you can go with Jalokavacharan on alternate day.... It will add the charm to the management.... Waiting for the experts opinion from @Dr. Niranjan Ram @Dr. Shukla Vikram @Dr. Surbala Badgaiyan ma'am

Dear Dr.Hemant Adhikari, In this case first do vaman and then shaman chikitsha.

Acne vulgaris, Avoid oily and junc food Avoid touching Avoid any cosmetic or soap Regulat diatery habits add roughage,and fibrus food Early sleeping and early rising habit should be mentain Kali brom, ant crud,cal phos External callendula Q apply locally

Thanku Sir.

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1-giloy sat-250mg 2-gandhak rasayan-250mg 3-manjisdhadi churn-2gm 4-prawal pisti-250mg Before food 5-keshor guggle-2-2 6-purim-1-1 After food

Mahamanjishtadi qwath de sakte hain na sir sath me???

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External application of kumkumadi cream twice a day. Application of swarnagairika /Neem face pack of Baidyanath everyday is helpful. Internally Arogyavardhini250 mg od Mahamanjistadi kashaya 3tsf bid Keep away from those which aggravate the condition. Avoid non veg till the treatment is completed. Avoid spicy,oily food. Keep free from constipation.

Thanku Sir.

as dr Nirmal suggested after drying kumkumadi taila for scars

Give him berqberis aqui 30tds one mth

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