34 yr female have complaints of pain and swelling in lt knee joint and pain in calf muscle also ...Acute swelling occurs ... tenderness +++. pain during first motion and walking also General body pain also ..take allopathy medicine for pain . lean thin emaciated patient Wt. 58 kg haight 5'6". easy satiety take some food only sweet desire chilly pat. Appetite decrease thirst decrease . stool constipation . urine Normal .some smell + consolation amm . weeping + investigation . ASO .CRPand ANA all are neg. ESR 18 ....in 1hr. Rheumatologist suggested ..start t/t of Non serological Arthritis ...But she could not take medicine ...Before 3 yr. H/O Swelling occurs before three yr.also and investigate about R.A. but all are negative .. In between she has no pain and sweeling



Rhus tox 200

?Is x-ray,ct orMRI all NAD or not I think ?Meniscus tear Arnica, rhus.t,bry, is helpful medicine

Do MRI There Might be ligament tear

X ray of knee joint, if no changes in knee joints, give lep goli/dashang lep. Ext use. Laxadi /dashang /panchatikt gugul 2 bd x 20 days..

SNOVIAL EFFUSION..." SYNOVITIS" Go for USG Rule out DM uric acid...Start Physio....Any Injury... Take full minute history MENTALS Life Situ...IUGS PTSD Ob/Gyn ..... Could Sero Negative Arthritis... Think....It is Syco-Psora at play....Give THUJA...Think Rtox Cimi PULS Caulo ..

Rhus tox..

Praval panchamrit 1 BD, Mahayograj guggul 1 BD, Singhanad guggul 1 BD, Ekangbeer ras1 I BD, Maharasandi guggul2 BD, Sutsekhar Ras 1 BD, Punarnewadi guggul 1 BD, Apply Mahanaryan tail light massage N warm hot water beg is helpful sir.

Start with Rhus tox 30 single dose. Then think of puls. Bry. Coul. Etc. Advice physiotherapy. Rest.

Rhus tox may be helpful

Rhustox , Ruta.G., Colchicum ,may be Helpfull as per symptoms .

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