25 female pt having c/o abdomen burn pain with vomiting after meal 2month (mild).. but last two vomiting episode after 10 min with abdomen burn and pain... After vomiting pt feel good... Today endoscopy done... Endoscopy report shown.... Mild H pylori positive with esophagatis... Please give me valuable opinioin ... Endoscopy and doctor prescribtion attached



@Rahul Garkal openion please

Gastritis with h pylori infection Tab pylokit (tinidazole Lansoprazole clarithomycon) Avoid chilly food worry hurry..

@Rahul Garkal

H.pylori tratmenr to be given for 5 to 7 days. Rept the prescrioton only night dose for 6 weeks. Rept the Scopy if Nodularity persists in Antrum do a Biopsy and proceed Accordingly.


Consider HP KIT and or tab pyloflush for 15 days.

Treatment given for acute gastritis with H.Pylori is complete dosage, avoid hurry,worry ,chillies

Thanks Dr. Rahul Shihire Rajpoot

HP kit for 14 days Tab ultranise for pain bd/sos Ganaton sr 1 cap od Repeat endoscopy after 3wks with rapid urease test

Go for tab clyrithromycin bd Tab esomac40for days sos anti spasmodic

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