23 y/m patient complains of pain in hand and wrist during flexion and extension movement of the fingers. Please give your diagnosis and treatment plan.



Osteoporosis. Malunion of fracture of 1st Metacarpal. ? Fracure distal ulna.

advise RA factor and serum uric acid

Is the pain associted with fever Whats the intensity of pain. Diagnosis also depends on since how long pain is.

patient denies any fever history. pain occurs in mild form on opening and closing movement of the hand and persist for sometime. this problem persist since 2 months.

RA test must be done

First check results of RA nd uric acid..

if pain is in small joint Morning stiffness Go for R A test

I think there is minute hair line fracture at distal end of ulna..

May be

Go for serum uric acid

Pain while flexion and extension can also be because of inflammation of carpal tunnel sheeth. Please rule out any trauma and start by cryotherapy for initial pain relief. It will give drop in pain score by at least 2 points within 1 day. If problem still persist go for MRI or other factor testing.

R/O any trauma. May be due to inflamation of carpel tunnel sheath.hot fomentaion, NSAID may relieve pain.for early relief cryotherapy is udeful.If not relieved do RA test, s. Uric acid, xray wrist &take orthopaedician/physician reference &treat accordingly.

@Dr. Nitin Ghonge @Dr. Vijaykumar Aware Patil

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