20yr female, c/o cough minimal expectoration since 1 week, NO wt loss/appetite loss/haemoptysis/fever. no h/o Allergy. past history of ptb 5yrs back tokk ATT for 1 yr.(details not available) for current complaints visited GP, evaluated for reactivation, sputum is negative for AFB. haemogram normal, montaux 14mm induration. no any Lymph Node. xray is attached.... she has already done CT chest... films awaited. kindly comment on this case , diagnosis, management



Lt upper zone fibrotic band , post TB sequele..How much ESR?

Patient is defaulter, reactivation of tb

Fibrotic band left lung. Needs further evaluation for reactivation of TB .

Fibrosis lt u zone

The borders of band like opacity is well marked and the opacity ends abruptly over the clavicle.could be any other diagnosis other than fibrosis?

Old X-ray if present will be helpful for making other diagnosis

Fibrotic band which is extending from left hilum to the upper zone, most likely a post tb sequely . Her complains at present can be due this .obstructive lung disease is one the most common sequely which is of major concern to the patient and is reason to visit to the GP. If auscultation of chest reveal rhonchi then add DPI to the patient which will give good relieve to the patient, other give symptomatic treatment.

Sir I think with post tb fibrosis there is also copd.pls guide sir.

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Fibrosis of left upper lung,post tb sequence

Fibrosis left upper lung. Old healed PTB.

Fibrotic band left up zn Old healed ptb pt All his present complai ts are common in post tb treatment period Re activity may be assessed but it seems to be casual case of sequele of att

Can we label it as cicatrization collapse ?on xray. Please guide sir

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